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Alberta Business Corporations Act - important elements
43 A corporation shall not declare or pay a dividend if there are reasonable grounds for believing that
(a) the corporation is, or would after the payment be, unable to pay its liabilities as they become due, or
(b) the realizable value of the corporationís assets would thereby be less than the aggregate of its liabilities and stated capital of all classes.
Form of dividend
44(1) A corporation may pay a dividend by issuing fully paid shares of the corporation and, subject to section 43, a corporation may pay a dividend in money or property.
(2) If shares of a corporation are issued in payment of a dividend, the directors may add all or part of the value of those shares to the stated capital account maintained or to be maintained for the shares of the class or series issued in payment of the dividend.
* For the full statute, please click on this link. Nothing should be read in the abstract and specific legal advice is always recommended.

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