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Incorporating your business enterprise as an Alberta company is an important step in its commercial advancement. The corporate structure has specific legal attributes and provides significant commercial benefits, which requires appropriate consideration in its implementation. The mere attainment of a corporate designation (Inc., Ltd., Corp.) does not of itself make for a highly effective corporation, for it instead begins with the underlying structure that is created at incorporation phase through the contractual arrangements that are negotiated and legal advice that is attained.

From its inception, a corporation will be greatly advantaged from the insights and experience of a knowledgeable corporate lawyer. For whereas incorporation is typically a single occurrence in the business cycle and legal advice required only when needed and without practical experience thereof, at Neufeld Legal P.C. we have advised an extensive array of businesses as they have undertaken the incorporation process and sought to advance their corporate operations from a legal perspective. For it is through such legal experience that we are capable of providing meaningful legal advice, capable of making a substantive difference in a company's business aspirations.

As such, when your business seeks the professional services of experienced legal counsel, whether when incorporating a new Alberta company or dealing with its ongoing corporate development, your business can look to the Calgary, Alberta law firm of Neufeld Legal P.C. Contact us at 403-400-4092 or via email

Alberta Business Corporations Act - important elements
Capacity of a corporation
16(1) A corporation has the capacity and, subject to this Act, the rights, powers and privileges of a natural person.
(2) A corporation has the capacity to carry on its business, conduct its affairs and exercise its powers in any jurisdiction outside Alberta to the extent that the laws of that jurisdiction permit.
Restriction on powers
17(1) It is not necessary for a bylaw to be passed in order to confer any particular power on the corporation or its directors.
(2) A corporation shall not carry on any business or exercise any power that it is restricted by its articles from carrying on or exercising, nor shall the corporation exercise any of its powers in a manner contrary to its articles.
(3) No act of a corporation, including any transfer of property to or by a corporation, is invalid by reason only that the act or transfer is contrary to its articles or this Act.
* For the full statute, please click on this link. Nothing should be read in the abstract and specific legal advice is always recommended.

Please be advised that incorporating one's business can be an effective legal structure, nevertheless there are significant demands and responsibilites associated with an incorporated company, with taxes, creditors and third-party liability being high on the list, and should not be underestimated (in addition to the limitations of limited liability, in particular as it relates to signing contracts, especially when this includes guarantees or indemnifications). For more information about our business law practice and to review our professional standards of legal practice, disclaimer and privacy policy, visit the main website of Neufeld Legal P.C. (144 4th Avenue SW, Suite 1600, Calgary, Alberta) at For a more extensive analysis of legal matters pertaining to incorporations, visit our primary website on the topic - Disclaimer. Privacy. Cookies. 2016.